A research project about the Alyosha monument in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Initiated by Kamen Stoyanov and Katharina Swoboda.

The project is produced within the ADATA artist-in-residence program of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019

Supported by Otto Mauer Fond, Austria




Alyosha and the cat (w.t.)

short film, in post-production

release 2020

A short fiction film about an encounter at Alyosha hill in Plovdiv. A Russian tourist sings the Russian “Alyosha” song and a couple answer with a specially written “Aleksey  Skurlatov” song.


Cast: Vasil Duev, Katharina-Sara Huhn, Pavla Sivova, Peter Kerkelov

Cinematographer: Dian Zagorchinov

Sound: Sara Pinheiro

Composer: Margerita Spassova

Directed by Kamens Stoyanov and Katharina Swoboda


Film still











Unstable Monuments. Remnants from Times of Ideology













D’EST: Alyosha and the Rose Queen – Gestures of De-Monumentality

November 1, 2019, 7pm. Lucky Cinema, Plovdiv, BG